Nate Silverii

Nate Silverii Coloring Pack

Nate Silverii's downloadable Coloring Sheet Pack.  This 5 sheet set can get printed or loaded on to a tablet to be colored over and over. 

Included's Nate Silverii's 21 Days, Dark Places, Nancy Jane, Painkillers, and Quarter-Veela sheets

To use with a printer just download via the cart page or the post-order email print and color!

To use this coloring book page in Procreate:

Set up a new canvas at screen size. Next, go to actions, and choose the insert a photo option. Select the downloaded coloring book page. Scale coloring page if needed. In the layers panel, click the blending mode (N icon next to the layer name) and change the blending mode to Multiply (M). All layers used to color in the page should be underneath the coloring page layer. Have fun coloring!

For personal use only.

Copyright Nate Silverii 2020

All Rights Reserved