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GNG Tattoos FAQ

Where do I start?

We are an appointment only shop, that means once you have chosen an artist you must make an appointment via email with them.
You can look at all of our artist’s portfolios though the links in our tattoo section, or you can find them on instagram through their
personal accounts. We do have specific days set aside for walk-ins that may be for various events and holidays! We announce these
walk-in days on our social media accounts (@gritnglroy).


How do I book an appointment?

All of our artists handle their appointments individually, once you have decided on an artist you can contact them by their personal
booking email. You can find this email on their personal website or though their instagram. Send them a detailed email with the
idea of the tattoo, any reference photos, the size of the tattoo, and the placement. From here on out they will work with you to make
sure you are getting the design that you will love! You will also receive a date and time for your appointment and a price quote.


How much does a tattoo cost?

It depends on the artist; all of our artists charge a different hourly rate. However if you are getting something small that would
take under an hour our shop minimum is $200.


Do I have to leave a deposit?

Yes, we require all clients to leave a deposit when making appointments. After talking to your artist via email and receiving your
appointment date you will be prompted to call the Grit N Glory store (212) 253-2775 and leave your deposit. This deposit goes
towards the price of the tattoo. Deposits are nonrefundable. If the appointment needs to be rescheduled, you must notify your
artist via email within 48 hours or the deposit will be forfeit. If you do not show up to your appointment, or are more than 1 hour
late, the deposit will be forfeit. Note that there is a 4.85% New York City sales tax that will be added on to your deposit and the
final cost of the tattoo.

If you cancel your appointment, your deposit will NOT be refunded.


How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

You must be at least 18 years of age. In addition to this you MUST bring a valid state license or federal photo ID with you to
your appointment.


How do I pay for the tattoo?

We accept cash or credit/debit cards. Remember that your deposit is deducted from the final amount. Note that there is a 4.85%
New York City sales tax that lawfully must be added to the total price of your tattoo.


What is the healing process?

Wash your new tattoo with a non-scented antibacterial soap. Wash the tattoo every morning, night, and once or twice
throughout the day. A total of 3-4 times, when washing use lukewarm water as hot water may burn. After drying, pat dry
gently with a clean cloth or paper towel.

After washing use a non-scented hand lotion on the tattoo. Fragrance free Aveeno, Lubriderm, and Curel are all good brands.
Use the lotion after every wash, and throughout the day whenever it feels dry.

After 3-4 days the skin over the tattoo will peel like a sunburn, and it will come off in the colors of the tattoo, this is normal.
You may have a few spots that form scabs, it is important not to pick these off and let them fall off naturally.

Continue with this wash and lotion regiment for 2 weeks. However it is a full 4 weeks before the tattoo is completely healed.
During the healing process it is important to avoid getting dirt and fragrances on the tattoo, submerging/ soaking the tattoo
in water such as in a bath, pool, or ocean (showers are fine), doing any activities that will cause excessive sweating or movement
of the tattoo area (such as working out), sun exposure, and tight fitting clothing. If your tattoo becomes stuck to fabric such as
your clothing or bed sheets, it is important not to rip the fabric off. First wet the fabric, and then gently lift if from the tattoo.

Not abiding by these instructions could potentially result in infection and/or rough heal that may cause some ink to fall out.
While in some cases these symptoms can be part of the normal healing process, if you experience excessive redness, swelling,
pain, a bad smell, or have bumps or other unusual lesions it is important to let your artist know, and to seek the opinion of a
medical doctor.

If you have any further questions on the healing process, or need to reach your artist about unusual symptoms please contact
your artist.

Megan –

Nikki –


Joice -

Cavan – Please reach out to Cavan via Instagram Direct Message @itsjustcavan


Giorgia –


Please click the link below for a downloadable aftercare sheet.


My Artist Used A Tegaderm Wrap for healing, how does that work?

Tegaderm or Saniderm wrap is a special bandage used in the medical field for many purposes, including
the healing of burns and to keep IV ports secure. Over the years tattoo artists have started using tegaderm for the healing
of tattoos as it helps speed up the healing process, helps shield the tattoo from infection causing bacteria,
and makes the after care process much easier for the client.

While rare, some people may experience an allergy to the tegaderm.
People that have an allergy to adhesives or bandaids usually experience
an allergy to Tegaderm. If you’ve had these reactions in the past be sure to let your tattoo artist know.

After your tattoo is complete, you artist will apply the tegaderm wrap, which looks like a giant,
clear sticker over your tattoo. We advise leaving the wrap on for 4 full days
before removing the wrap. The wrap is water proof so it is okay to shower with the wrap,
however the wrap does not protect to heat so it is best to use lukewarm water.

The first couple hours after the wrap is applied, you will begin to notice liquid forming and moving around underneath
the wrap.This liquid is made up of excess ink and blood, and may appear dark in color. This is perfectly normal.
The first two days wearing the wrap you will continue to have this wet, liquid build up underneath your wrap.
The amount of liquid varies from person to person,
depending on the individuals biology as well as the size and style of the tattoo you received.
We do not recommend draining this liquid

In some cases, if the amount of liquid becomes to heavy or too much pressure is applied to the wrap,
the wrap could open up and the liquid could leak out.
If it’s just a small opening, cleanse and dry the area, and re-seal with another piece of tegaderm or medical tape.
If larger sections of the wrap begin to lift and the tattoo becomes exposed, remove the wrap early.
Wash and dry the area and re-apply a new piece of tegaderm.
If you do not have tegaderm then skip ahead to the “After Tegaderm” instructions.

On the 3rd and 4th day using the tegaderm, you’ll notice the liquid underneath the wrap has dried
and formed a dark film over the tattoo, again this is perfectly normal.

Remove the tegaderm wrap at the end of the 4th or beginning of the 5th day. It will be similar to removing a bandaid.
When removing the tegaderm, it’s helpful to be in the shower with water running over the wrap while your peeling it off.

Around the 4th day is when the tattoo will begin to start peeling like a sunburn.
The dead skin will shed off in the same colors as the tattoo,
do not be alarmed as this is NOT the tattoo ink falling out and is a very normal part of the process.
If your tattoo is already at this stage when your removing your tegaderm, you may notice some of the shedding skin coming off,
stuck to the tegaderm wrap. This is normal. If your tattoo is not yet at this stage,
you will notice it begin to start peeling within a couple days after removing the wrap.

It is important to remember that tegaderm does not protect against heat or light. It is important to keep your tattoo out of the sun
and to avoid hot water during your healing process.

After Tegaderm:
Give the tattoo a good wash with warm water and an antibacterial soap. We recommend Dial hand soap.
Wash the tattoo at least twice a day, morning and night, along with whenever the tattoo may become dirty for the next two weeks.
Allow the tattoo to dry, then apply a non-scented hand lotion after washing and whenever needed for the following two weeks.
Whenever the tattoo feels dry and tight, it’s best to re-apply the lotion.
We recommend non-scented Lubriderm and Aveeno lotions.

While the majority of the tattoo healing is completed in the first two weeks, it does take four weeks for the tattoo to be fully healed.
For tattoos that experience a rough heal (experiencing scabbing, allergic reaction or infection) it may take longer then usual.

While rare, as tattoos are wounds, there always runs a chance of possible infection.
If you believe your tattoo could be infected, contact the studio, or your artist directly and consult a medical professional.

After your tattoo is healed, it is best to continue to regularly lotion your skin, and wear sunscreen over your tattoo
when your tattoo is exposed to the sun to help your tattoo last as long as possible.

There are no silly questions! If you have any questions about your healing process,
please feel free to contact your artist directly or give us a call at our shop at (212) 253-2775.



Please click the link below for a downloadable aftercare sheet.



I would like to guest spot here! How do I set that up?

If you would like to book a guest spot here, please send an email to


Additional Tips!!!
    • We all need emotional support, but due to lack of square footage we ask that you please limit your guests to just ONE friend.
      If the tattoo area is busy we may ask your friend to please wait in the waiting area during the tattoo.
    • Before your appointment be sure to get a good nights rest, and eat a hearty meal an hour before your appointment time!
    • Make sure to stay hydrated and bring water to your appointment.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment, as alcohol is a blood thinner and not only will it make you bleed
      more during your tattoo (which is uncomfortable), but it will make it harder for the artist as well!
    • Remember that the tattoo artist will be very close to you, so take care of your personal hygiene, no one likes a stinky!
    • After your appointment follow your artist’s care instructions, everyone has different methods for the healing process but
      only your artist knows how their work heals best!
    • Remember not to soak your tattoo in water, such as taking a bath or going in a pool etc. for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks
      after your new tattoo.
    • Do not pick or scratch your new tattoo, if any scabs develop leave them alone until they fall off naturally.
      Also avoid direct sunlight until the tattoo is fully healed.



I have an appointment! Whats next?

We're excited to see you for your upcoming tattoo! 

Here are a couple of tips to help prepare you for your appointment.
- Wear or bring comfortable clothes that allow the tattoo artist to easily access the area of the body they are tattooing.
- As tattooing involves ink, it's best to not wear clothes you mind getting messy or ruined as the ink does not easily come out of clothing,
we are not responsible for ruined clothing.
- We have designated space for clients personal belongings,
however space is limited so please only bring necessities for during your tattoo process.
- Please shower before your appointment.
( No one likes a stinky!)
- It's best to get a good, full nights sleep before the day of your appointment as it will help with your pain threshold and general mood.
(No one likes a meany!)
- Always eat a full meal before getting a tattoo, as well as drinking plenty of water.
- Bring snacks, drinks and water to your tattoo appointment as it's best to keep your blood sugar and energy up.
There are multiple places to buy these things around the shop if you'd like to come by early to purchase them prior to your appointment.
- Bringing headphones and reading material are great ways to pass the time while getting tattooed.
- Please do not drink (or take blood thinners if okayed by your doctor) the day prior to your tattoo appointment as it could cause excessive bleeding
during the tattoo process which could result in clouded vision for the artist, the pushing out of ink,
poor healing and the inability for the healing bandage to adhere. 
- Be prepared to fill out a release form and have a copy of your ID taken before your tattoo appointment.
Please read the paperwork thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions.
- Make sure to let us know about any allergies you have prior to getting tattooed.
Common allergies that can affect the tattoo process are allergy to Latex, Bandaids and adhesives found in them,
Tegaderm or Sandierm, Nickel (heap jewelry), soaps, ointments, and iodine. 
- For payments we accept cash, credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Amex, and PayPal.
- All tattoo deposits are non-refundable.
- If you are running late, or need to reschedule please let your artist or the studio know as soon as possible.


Here are a few of our shop policies:

- By New York law, all tattoo clients must be 18 years of age and over. There are no exceptions, including parental consent.
- By New York Law, all tattoo clients must have a valid ID which includes both your name, date of birth and clear photo in order to be tattooed.
This includes state ID’s and passports.
- By New York law, clients cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you appear intoxicated service will be refused.
- As our shop gets very busy, please only bring up to one additional person with you to your tattoo appointment.
This person will be allowed to come back into the tattoo area with you only if there is room available.
Upon the instance there isn’t enough room in the tattoo area, they are welcome
to wait for you in our designated waiting area adjacent and within view of the tattoo area.
- There is a 4.8% NY County tax added to the price of your tattoo. 
- There are no persons under the age of 18 or non-service animals allowed in the tattoo area due to health and safety issues.
If you have a service dog please give the studio a call ahead of time at +1 (212) 253-2775
and ask to speak to an owner about an upcoming tattoo appointment.



Downloadable Links
Please click the links below for downloadable aftercare sheets.