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Grit N Bloody Glory Shredder

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$15.00 USD $30.00 USD

Our newest collection– THE AS ABOVE SO BELOW 1972 SUMMER TOUR– is finally here!

Inspired by heavy metal, cheap thrills and those who paved the way for Rock n Roll, we’ve got 7 brand new graphics in this collection of vintage-inspired pieces. 

Each shirt comes with a full Limited Edition GNG Tour Package, including a record sleeve and stickers. Each order comes with a backstage pass and AS ABOVE SO BELOW tour ticket. 

The Grit N Bloody Glory Shredder. We've brought back one of our favorite designs and given it a reboot for the GNG Summer Tour. This ultra-soft shredder features distressed white block text reading "GRIT N BLOODY GLORY THAT'S WHO." 

Made in the USA. 

50% Cotton 50% Modal