Grit N Glory

Grit N Bloody Glory Shredder

Our newest collection– THE AS ABOVE SO BELOW 1972 SUMMER TOUR– is finally here!

Inspired by heavy metal, cheap thrills and those who paved the way for Rock n Roll, we’ve got 7 brand new graphics in this collection of vintage-inspired pieces. 

Each shirt comes with a full Limited Edition GNG Tour Package, including a record sleeve and stickers. Each order comes with a backstage pass and AS ABOVE SO BELOW tour ticket. 

The Grit N Bloody Glory Shredder. We've brought back one of our favorite designs and given it a reboot for the GNG Summer Tour. This ultra-soft shredder features distressed white block text reading "GRIT N BLOODY GLORY THAT'S WHO." 

Made in the USA. 

50% Cotton 50% Modal